This is documentation for Kohana v2.3.x. For v3.x documentation, see .

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Most of the Kohana source code is written by the Kohana Team. There are a few notable credits, however.


Kohana was originally a fork of CodeIgniter (CI), which is an open-source product of EllisLab. There are still many similarities between CI and Kohana, particularly in naming conventions and filesystem design, but all of the code is either new or completely rewritten.

CodeIgniter is © 2006 EllisLab, Inc.


All of the Kohana UTF-8 functions are ported from the phputf8 project.

phputf8 is © 2005 Harry Fuecks.


The default XSS filter used by Kohana was originally created by Christian Stocker for the popoon framework. The original file is called externalinput.php.

popoon is © 2001-2006 Bitflux GmbH

HTML Purifier

The alternative XSS filter used by Kohana is HTML Purifier. This is an optional download.

HTML Purifier is © 2006-2007 Edward Z. Yang


The recommended way to send emails in Kohana is using SwiftMailer. This is an optional download.

SwiftMailer is © Chris Corbyn

PHP Markdown

Markdown is a simple text-to-HTML formatting tool. Kohana includes PHP Markdown as an optional download.

PHP Markdown is © 2006 Michel Fortin

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